Customer: Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Southwest Division
Location: Fleet Readiness Center, NAS North Islnd, CA

RMA Land Construction, Inc. (RMA) is performing as the prime contractor for the design and construction of a photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system and lighting system upgrades at the Fleet Readiness Center, Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island, CA. This project requires construction and installation of daylighting and lighting controls at Bldg. 65 and Bldg. 250 along with design and construction of a grid-connected PV Rooftop system at Bldg. 65. The Fleet Readiness Center is an existing facility used to house administrative support staff, classrooms, and training functions for Reserves personnel, medical examination function, and storage and maintenance of mission critical vehicles and equipment.

RMA is designing the PV system to comply with the latest NEC and IEEE codes and local authorities. This system, producing a minimum 30.8 kW alternating current (AC) solar photovoltaic capacity, will incorporate PV modules, inverter, disconnect switches, wires, conduits, junction boxes, combiner box, mounting structures and hardware, and monitoring equipment. The PV systems will be tied into NASNI utility electric grid through the use of a grid-interactive inverter. All connections will be approved and coordinated with SDG&E, NASNI, and the Public Works Department.

Buildings 250 and 65 are both occupied industrial facilities with operations continuing during construction. Since work will be performed at ceiling height, over people and equipment, RMA developed and implemented an Activities Hazard Analysis to include a Fall Protection Plan, identifying potential fall hazards, outlining personal fall arrest systems and PPE, and establishing site barricades to partition areas susceptible to falling objects.

This project is currently progressing on schedule.